Journalist Benjamin Wey Winning Against False Charges, Regulatory Abusers

Journalist Benjamin Wey Winning Against False Charges, Regulatory Abusers

“Journalist BENJAMIN WEY never settles false claims. I expose their racism and falsity,” said BENJAMIN WEY. “The American spirit is about fighting back against tyranny. Never give in!”

In June 2017, the SEC, DOJ’s fabricated, racially charged, politically motivated case crumbled: The New York Times reported: Revered federal judge ruled Benjamin Wey’s constitutional rights were grossly violated; Forbes magazine reported: Benjamin Wey won a landmark victory over fake charges, exposed government abuses of power; The New York Law Journal says federal court declared fake evidence against financier Benjamin Wey “unconstitutional…” Stanford University says “Chinese reverse mergers outperform U.S. counterparts,” echoed by CNBC and Reuters; NY Law Journal confirms Federal Judge Alison Nathan Defends Constitutional Rights; The New York Times reported Made-up case against Wall Street financier follows government’s pattern of fabricated cases… Who will pay a steep price for such gross violations of a citizen’s legal rights and the ensuing massive financial losses? Stay tuned…

Journalist BENJAMIN WEY fights back against false charges, racist regulatory abusers

“Journalist BENJAMIN WEY never bends his principles winning against racist retaliation in NASDAQ’s lies and FINRA’s fabricated ‘evidence,’ who PLANTED lying witnesses in here, in here, in here and here to inflame fantasy stories by corrupt,imbecile SEC staff Steven Susswein, Cheryl Crumpton – who were caught using racial slurs, slammed in federal court, duped by short sellers in Jon Carnes stock fraud, short seller fraud, market manipulators and Roddy Boyd bribery, Roddy Boyd fraud in here, and here, here, and here, and here. NASDAQ is a $12 billion casino owned by Wall Street sharks, not an idiot sucking toes. Asian firms can choose among 60 stock exchanges worldwide to go public – many have voluntarily ditched the rigged NASDAQ listing – a dying commodity with no scarcity value worthy of “deception for listing.”

Just the opposite, we have advised Asian companies to dump the rigged NASDAQ in two largest ‘going private‘ deals in recent history. Investors don’t care where a stock is listed, if it’s a reverse merger – often misconstrued, or a risky IPO, says Stanford University. NYSE, Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett), Burger King and 800 other U.S. companies (20% of entire US markets) are reverse mergers. NASDAQ itself wasn’t an IPO!

More In-depth:

Benjamin Wey ®, CEO – Official Site

About 40% of all public companies in Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, UK are reverse mergers – common knowledge. Why the self-imposed regulatory prejudice against the Asians when in fact, there are more Israeli (Jewish) reverse merger companies in the U.S. than those from China? They often demonize a phrase “Chinese reverse merger,” do they dare coin a phrase “Jewish reverse merger?” Reverse merger is a neutral concept of capital formation in basic corporate finance.

Misinformed prosecutors, fraudulent agent Matt Komar

The misinformed SDNY folks were deceived in a retaliation scheme by the racist NASDAQ and FINRA – exposed by the Forbes Magazine, were duped by bribed stock short sellers into deliberately making up laws that never existed, repeating a tradition of SDNY “doctrinal novelty,” fabricated claims with manufactured evidence. They were misled by a malicious “affidavit” from a notorious rookie agent MATT KOMAR – who was played like a fool by Ray Phillips (Raymond Lynn Phillips), a terminated former five-week employee who had failed to extort money from us while evading his Alaska child support, and deliberately distorted normal events in Asian finance 10 years ago when Matt Komar was still a kid in high school. MATT KOMAR is the same crooked, lying agent sued for fabricating evidencein another highly publicized case David Ganek vs. Matt Komar, exposed in New York Times and Wall Street Journal.
The SDNY finally conceded in court filings on July 8, 2016 before the highly regarded federal judge Alison Nathan: The government 
does not claim that NASDAQ or any other entity had in place a formal rule banning the gifting of shares in connection with a listing application.
In other words, the Government and agent Matt Komar admitted to making up a Nasdaq 300 round lot shareholder law/rule that is non-existent in fact.
Good riddance! Should anyone be accused of a rule violation when the rule never existed? Or continue the xenophobic attacks on a patriotic American citizen only because of his Asian heritage? Has the entrusted American justice descended into Russia or Somalia? Media scrutiny is a powerful weapon against abusers in a rigged system. All regulatory abusers must be exposed in a land of free speech. 

Racist Nasdaq revenge, fabricated rules, made-up evidence and made-up laws that don’t exist

It’s a fact: Nasdaq’s so-called “300 round lot gifting rule” was fabricated; It’s a fact: Senior NASDAQ staff has feverishly solicited our co-branded Asian investment club members for years to introduce new listings; It’s a fact: NASDAQ rigged a listingwas sued for racism and lost; It’s a fact: The SEC agreed: NASDAQ had rigged its listing, orchestrated by the shady NASDAQ General Counsel Ed Knight – a $100 million lobbyist, who was also former general counsel of FINRA (two lying entities); It’s a fact: The NASDAQ manipulation was strongly rebuked and reversed in a landmark SEC ruling, reported by the Forbes MagazineIt’s a fact: Ed Knight, William Slattery, other NASDAQ staff retaliated, lied to law enforcement; It’s a fact: In 2015, 26 Asian companies dumped the racist NASDAQ in droves (Wall Street Journal)It’s a fact: Counting Bernie Madoff as a NASDAQ Chairman, companies have fled NASDAQNASDAQ is an investors grave and a threat to America’s national security.” 

BENJAMIN WEY, Never lost a case, never will

BENJAMIN WEY AMERICAN FINANCIER, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER, PROFESSOR: Columbia University graduate, holds two master’s degrees. Benjamin Wey is a multilingual global financier, an investigative journalist, a China expert with 20 years’ experience. Benjamin Wey has participated in more than 400 projects worldwide, helped create tens of thousands of jobs. Benjamin Wey supports America by introducing international capital to American communities. ON TV: Benjamin Wey on CCTV America discussing US – China investments.Benjamin Wey ® is a trademark. ON TV: Benjamin Wey on FOX Business during the U.S. financial crisis. Professor Benjamin Wey teaches finance, international business as a Visiting Professor at several top universities.

BENJAMIN WEY Civil Rights Advocate

Benjamin Wey is a patriotic American, a fierce defender of free speech, a civil rights advocate, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and Society of American Business Editors and Writers. ON TV: WatchProfessor Benjamin Wey lecturing at MIT exposing illegal stock short sellers. Benjamin Wey was featured in Forbes after the SEC ruled the NASDAQ had rigged the delisting of CleanTech Innovations: “[T]he record does not show that the specific grounds on which Nasdaq based its delisting decision exist in fact,” said the SEC in a historic ruling against the NASDAQ – the first time in NASDAQ’s 44 year history. NASDAQ had wrongfully delisted CleanTech by fabricating a rule called “the NASDAQ Spirit.” NASDAQ was deemed an institutional racist.

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